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If you are thinking about installing a wood burning stove you have come to the right place for advice as I am a registered HETAS installer, you can read more about me and my career by clicking on the ‘about me‘ page at the top of this page. Please feel free to click on any […]

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flue liner

Warning!! Damaged Flue Liners and The Loss of Your Money

Damaged Flue Liners Over the last few months there has been a high number of my clients losing their hard earned money after having to pay to replace flue liners that were damaged on delivery. Here is an example. I cannot fit damaged liners it is dangerous and illegal! So please, please, please check all […]

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How to Wood burning stove instatation

Wood Burning Stove Installation: Step by Step

How to install a wood burning stove, step by step Over time I have had many queries from potential customers who wanted to know what is involved when installing a wood burning stove. This included a potential customer who  asked me the very same question, before suggesting that I should put some photographs on my […]

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Hunter Herald Double front stove installation

Hunter Herald Double Fronted Wood Burning Stove Installation

This stove installation was a little different: a Hunter Herald double fronted wood burner This installation started out as back to back chimney breasts in two seperate rooms! A fireplace in the kitchen and a fireplace in the living room. My customer had builders remove the wall separating the two rooms and steel RSJ’s were […]

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Wood Burner Don’t Only Save You Money…..

The mercury in the thermometer is seriously starting to head south, it’s time to put on your woolies as well at the dreaded central heating….eek! Everyone is interested in saving money on their domestic energy usage with many opting for solar panel to generate electricity and some also add solar heating to their roofs, both […]

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Victorian fireplace

Edwardian Fireplace Restoration

My customer (Marco) had a badly damaged Edwardian fireplace both tiled panels were damaged beyond repair. Unfortunately the insert was completely broken and had been skipped.

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Installing a Wood Burner with NO Chimney Stack!

  Not only did this recent client have no chimney stack, the property was located in a conservation area, and like many they really, really wanted a wood burner. So I really had a tough job on my hands.

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How to Get The Best Performance Out of Your Wood Burner

If you have any questions about your current wood burner, or if you are thinking of having a wood burner installed please feel free to contact me. For those of you still going to the petrol station to get your fuel especially the wood products that have been stood out in the rain and damp […]

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