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Choosing a chimney liner ….

Chimney Liners with nose coneHetas LogoChimney Liners, also called flue liners are basically a flexible piece of tubing in a variety of diameters made of stainless steel. They are used to reline your existing brick chimney to ensure against any possible leaks as well as increase the draw and efficiency of your wood burning stove.

The chimney liner has a corrugated outer skin and helps to protect the liner during installation. The inner skin is usually smooth to help reduce the build up of soot, tar and other corrosive residues that make up your flue gases. The inner and outer layers are joint together by a Triple Lock Joint System, which is currently the strongest joints method available and provides strength and provides a stable structure to your flue liner. The joints overlap each other to protect them from condensation, which like the fumes from your wood burner, is quite corrosive

Chimney Liners Stainless Steel Grade

They come in 3 variations of stainless steel.

316/316 – That is a 316 grade outer skin and a 316 grade inner skin. This type of chimney liner are the cheapest of the 3 variations, they usually come with a 10 year warranty HETAS approval and are ideal for your wood burning stove as well as multifuel burners, solid fuel and gas fires

904/316 – This is a 904 grade inner skin and a 316 grade outer skin. Due to the higher grade inner skin, this version has a better longevity and usually comes with a 20 year warranty. The added durability is reflected in the price which is higher than that of the 316/316 flue liner. Again fully HETAS approved and perfectly suited to your wood burning stove as well as multifuel burners, solid fuel and gas fires

904/904 – This flue liner has a 904 grade outer skin and a 904 grade inner skin. This is the highest grade of flue liner currently available and it must be said, the most expensive. Whilst this grade of liner is fully HETAS approved and comes with a 20 year warranty, it must be said that the 904 grade inner and outer skin flue liner is more suited to industrial installations and is a bit of an overkill for your domestic wood, solid fuel or gas burners. It must also be noted that HETAS recommend you change your flue liner every 10 years, so paying the extra for a flue with a 20 year warranty would be a waste of your hard earned cash!

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