Victorian fireplace

Edwardian Fireplace Restoration

Edwardian Fireplace Restoration
Edwardian Fireplace Restoration

My customer (Marco) had a badly damaged Edwardian fireplace both tiled panels were damaged beyond repair. Unfortunately the insert was completely broken and had been skipped.

 Although he wanted to keep his fireplace looking in keeping with his Edwardian flat NW10. He also wanted to add his own modern twist with his own design.


So after long conversations with Marco we decided to keep his existing mantle.Buy a reclaimed insert from willesden green salvage ( missing it’s pre caste tiled panels.


Instead of the tiled panels I rendered both side cheeks in a soft sand giving it a rustic feel.Once dry it was painted to match the decoration and a (d.f.e ) gas fire was fitted.


Marco was delighted and  so was I.

Mark 🙂

p.s To view a sample of my past installations please go to my gallery page

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