Installing a Wood Burner with NO Chimney Stack!


No Chimney StackNot only did this recent client have no chimney stack, the property was located in a conservation area, and like many they really, really wanted a wood burner. So I really had a tough job on my hands.

You can see for yourself in the photograph the house on the left with no chimney stack at all and obviously no chimney. The stack and chimney pots were removed some 30 years ago when they had a new roof fitted.

Conservation Area

As the property was in a conservation zone, certain criteria had to be met before the rebuild could go ahead. In this case the authorities required that any exterior work done to the property would have to be in keeping with the look of the existing street, so a shiny silver twin walled flue going up the side of the property was definitely out of the question!

Rebuilding the Chimney Stack and Where to Start

Luckily for my client they did retain the chimney breast from the ground floor up to just below the roof as you can see here . top of flues before chimney stack rebuildWhat you are looking at here is a view down the chimney flue before they exit the roof into the chimney stack. The 3 oblong holes you can see are actually half of each of the flue, (which are actually square) as the parapet wall (seen on the right) is built running through them they appear oblong.

To rebuild the stack we would have to bridge slate across the the flues to fit the chimney pots which would then fit across the oblong gaps. If

Rebuilding Chimney Stack

we didn’t do this they would fall down the flues. Here you can see the chimney stack rebuild well underway with the correct brickwork to meet the conservation requirements.

It goes without saying that this was a little more involving that the regular stove installation and due to the conservation requirements a little more exacting too, however as I have been in this industry many years (see my about me  page) nothing than I have not seen before.

Here is the finished item complete with bird cage chimney cowl 

Rebuilt Chimney Stack If you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to help and advise you.

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