Hunter Herald Double Fronted Wood Burning Stove Installation

This stove installation was a little different: a Hunter Herald double fronted wood burner

Hunter Double Fronted Wood Burner

This installation started out as back to back chimney breasts in two seperate rooms! A fireplace in the kitchen and a fireplace in the living room.

My customer had builders remove the wall separating the two rooms and steel RSJ’s were put in place to support the load.

The builders then opened-up and hearth, which was tiled over. The installation from then required a HETAS installer, which is where I got called in to actually install the stove this included:

  1. Droping the liner down the original chimney
  2. aligning and fitting the stove
  3. fitting the register plate
  4. smoke testing the installation
  5. and checking the updraft etc

Due to it being a double fronted stove it was a bit of a heavy beast, it took five of us to move it! But as you can see it all came together rather well.

Any queries with your chimney stack, chimney pots small roofing jobs and guttering, please ask and don’t forget I am also a registered NACS chimney sweep.

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