Warning!! Damaged Flue Liners and The Loss of Your Money

Damaged Flue Liners

Over the last few months there has been a high number of my clients losing their hard earned money after having to pay to replace flue liners that were damaged on delivery.

Here is an example.

damaged flue liner

I cannot fit damaged liners it is dangerous and illegal!

So please, please, please check all flue liners for damage on delivery
Very, very  minor scratches are not problem but if the liner is dented or pierced you need to send it back to your supplier. You must report the damaged liner to your supplier within 24hrs or receipt of the liner so they can claim on their insurance and send you a replacement liner.

damaged chimney liner
If you leave it they will not refund your money or replace the liner.
You have been warned!

Sorry to sound harsh but it is your money I am trying to save.

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