Wood Burning Stove Installation: Step by Step

How to install a wood burning stove, step by step

Over time I have had many queries from potential customers who wanted to know what is involved when installing a wood burning stove.

This included a potential customer who  asked me the very same question, before suggesting that I should put some photographs on my website so people could see what was involved when installing a stove.

After receiving many “silly quotes” but still really wanting a wood burner the lady came back to me and I did her a ‘labour-only’ quote.
I gave her a shopping list of everything required with advice along the way; everything was purchased online and checked by me, saving her a good few hundred pounds.

The photo’s you are about to view are by one very pleased Caroline who made the suggestion in the first place and a big thank you from me, the photo’s look great.

Let’s get started 🙂

Wood burning Stove installation

No two jobs are exactly the same, but they usually start with some opening up of the chimney space or knocking out an old fireplace. You can see me here knocking out the original opening, which used to be home to a gas fire, and preparing it for a hearth and stove.


How to Wood burning stove instatation

Old gas fire plinth removed and ‘knock-out’ complete, with enough space made to lay the hearth, which is a regulated requirement and has minimum specifications. Next…


How to Wood burning stove instatation

Once all the debris is cleared the next step is to lay the hearth. This is an granite hearth, probably the most popular, but you could also have a tiled, slate, limestone hearth, I have even layed a coloured concrete hearth!

Wood burning stove installation hearth

Hearths have to be fitted to minimum specification as required by the building regulations. If in doubt consult a registered hetas installer.


Wood burning stove installing a chimney linerWood burning stove installing a chimney liner 2Wood burning stove installation













Now for the tricky bit: lining the flue. No chimney is straight and wriggling the liner down a chimney can be a bit a challenge sometimes, but with a bit of patience ….. .

For more information on flue liners CLICK HERE







Wood burning stove installing a chimney liner

With the flue liner installed and the angle bead plastered in, the installation is really started to take shape now.


Wood burning stove installing step by step


Now that the opening has been finally rendered, the opening is very nearly complete….


Wood burning stove installation step by step

The next step is to fit the closure plate, this fit in the top of the fireplace opening and closes the bottom of the chimney, it also allows you to insulate the space around you flue liner, if you wish to. Here you can see me cutting the hole to fit the vitreous enamelled flue pipe though it.


How to install a Wood burning stove

Next, to line the stove up with the flue liner and hole in the register plate, taking great care not to mark the newly layed hearth!


Installing a wood burning stove

Connecting the stove up to the flue line via the vitreous enamelled stove pipe and sealing it in is the last stage before testing the installation.


Fitting a wood burning stove step by step

With everything sealed and fully checked, it’s time for the stove’s first fire. This allows me to make final checks with a real fire in-place.


Step by step wood burning stove installation

One I am happy that the installation is free of any problems, it’s time to put the finishing touches, it this case a ‘floating’ mantel.



How to install a wood burning stove

Voila! another very happy customer.

Many thanks to Caroline for taking and allowing me to use her great photographs.

If you have any queries with your chimney stack, chimney pots small roofing jobs or guttering plus fireplace and or stove installations, please ask and don’t forget I am also a registered NACS chimney sweep, an important annual job that is all too often over-looked!

Thanks for reading


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